Our Birdie Customers

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We’ve had some great feedback from our customers. We love hearing from them and their thoughts on our Flyper range…

Claire Matthis

My life has been made so much easier with my beloved Charlie Girl wearing BBB Flypers. My home stays clean and she wears them with comfort and style!Can’t wait to extend her wardrobe as Bev’s creativity continues to flow!An amazing product that I highly recommend to anyone wanting  Flypers to allow their bird more out of the cage time


Gigi Ahrens

I love the creativity and the skill you display in your work. Beautiful!

Trevor Wayne Justus

Brilliant work. You are doing a great job and love what you are doing for your bird and bringing awareness to all dove and pigeon owners.

Katherine Dawn

These flypers are attractive, soft, comfortable and relatively easy to use! They don’t squish my dove and pigeons tails and they fit my disabled and hunchbacked birds so well.
Bev and Chava helped me find the perfect fit for each of my birds, and continue to check in on us to make sure we are happy and comfortable with the flypers!
Excellent business and very active in the avian charity and rescue community!


Zach and Chava Sonnier

Flypers are by far the most comfortable pants for any bird! I’ve tried nearly every brand of diapers/harnesses out there for our birds, and Flypers are by far the best design. They are high quality and sturdy enough for safety and to keep poop effectively contained, yet the open back style and smooth, stretchy fabrics are so comfortable for the bird and allow all normal, natural behaviors like preening, flying, sleeping, etc. Our birds adjusted to wearing them right away and act like they aren’t even wearing anything at all! Plus, the fabrics are absolutely beautiful!!

Jacqui Hayes

You made my day too! I was dreading putting this on her… And at first she tried at act like she did in the other suits… But I put her on my bed so she could walk and get the feel of it… And she was fine! She walked around, then flew to my shoulder like nothing was wrong! I ran to my phone to tell you the GREAT NEWS!
I would LOVE to tell everyone about your product! I’ll shout it from the roof tops! BEV’S BOUTIQUE IS THE BEST! 😍

Elizabeth Byrne

Brilliant product and delightful lady that cares 100% about feathered creatures, their comfort and well-being. Excellent service!

Stephen Ashby

Top notch… best known to us in Durban

Chanelre Hendricks

Thank you Bev for the most amazing service. And most of all thank you for the beautiful Flypers for my babies. They sure will be seeing more places soon. These flypers works amazing catches the poop so nice not messing at all. I can definitely recommend these Flypers to any bird moms and dads out there. Once again thank you so much!

Sonja Hie-Hardy

I love these. Now my birds can come in my room without poop all over my bed. Very well made, stylish and durable and fast efficient service with amazing international shipping costs. Bev and her Canadian distributor are really helpful and take care to make sure customers and their babies are happy with the product. I would definitely order again!

Sunga Meer

This is hands down the best bird diaper and we love it! Easy to put on and our doves got used to it right away. Thank you for the care you put into them – highly recommend these and your shop! Thanks again.

Suma Poiroux

Very good quality and very well made. I’m extremely happy with my flight suit and it fit my bird perfectly. Minimal stress to get him acquainted to it and very simple to put on and take off. Also easy to clean! Cannot say enough good things about this product! Thank you again.

Verified Amazon Purchaser

I am so happy to have this FLYPER. It looks even nicer in person than the image. So well made.
This design is brilliant! Soft, comfortable, well thought out, easy on and off. My dove likes to look at himself in the mirror. The FLYPERS are Adorable as well as well made. It brings JOY to my dove and to me. I know he is comfortable and he looks so cute! I most Highly Recommend these FLYPERS!!! I am looking forward to building his wardrobe.
Stay close to your little buddy and no mess, no cage, freedom and joy. I Thank you Bev!!!!!!!!
The inner lining prevents moisture to get on the bird. The fabric is soft and the straps are wonderful! Soft and adjustable. Wonderful! Every bird should have these!

From Tanya Benson

Finally, the PERFECT Flight/Diaper!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! They go on sooooo easy, no stress to bird. I couldn’t believe that they did not fight and chew on it like the other brands. I really appreciate the SMALL amount of velcro. I do not know why other companies use such a large amount of velcro, it makes it hard to remove them.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to keep their house clean. The birds seem very happy and comfortable in them.

Mary Stevens

My name is Mary Stevens and I found out about Bevs Bird Boutique a little over a year ago. The first time I ever put my umbrella cockatoo Princess Bella in her first Flyper I was in love with the Flypers.

They way the go on is so easy and so simple and best thing of all my Princess Bella didnt have to go thru pain to put her wings thru the Flypers like the other brand, the other brand you pull their wings thru a little opening that is on each side that HURT Bella she would cry because it caused her pain that is the main thing that got me hooked on Flypers and the open back design and I love the way it has the little place to hook up the leash. I am in a wheelchair and Bella is my emotional support animal she goes everywhere with me, if I dont have her with me I feel out of place and lost and I just dont want to go anywhere or do anything but when I have Bella with me I feel at ease the leashes that Bev makes too are the only leash I will use, I wont use anything else I dont feel safe having Bella on any other leash but the one from Bevs Bird Boutique the reason being the regular leash it is hard for someone in a wheelchair or that is disabled to handle a regular leash so easy for the leash to slip off your arm or out of your hand.

Bevs leashes has the toggle on it so you put your arm thru and tighten it down no chance of my Bella flying away and I can be hands free to manuver my wheelchair around and be able to shop or anything hands free without having to worry if Bella will fly away. All I can say is that Flypers are the BEST on the market and the leashes are a MUST HAVE for your feathered baby to be secure and safe and enjoying time with family I am a customer for life Flypers and the leash has changed my life to be able to take my baby girl out and about in a safely for her to enjoy m9re family time and be able to enjoy the outdoors more
Thankyou Bev for creating the Flypers and Leashes is sure has helped to ease the worry of losing Bella when i am in my wheelchair outside